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a bit More about WORK
Getting ready for work

The government produce a guide to farm work which is useful.  Check it out here. It shows you what crops are available across Australia and will help you to be ready to work.  Before you start work you will need to have a bank account (it's easy to get a bank account in Australia), a Tax File Number (apply on the government website here) and a superannuation account (your bank can probably set up one up for you, otherwise we recommend Austsafe for farm jobs).  You should also make sure you have a big hat, sunscreen, a water bottle (at least 3 litres per day) as well as clothes you don't mind getting verrrry dirty! There are loads of 'op shops' (charity shops) to find the perfect cheap work outfit.

We also organise transport to work - this is currently charged per day (so if you aren't working, you aren't paying for transport).  Most of the farms are located around 40km from town so there is often a bit of travel involved.

Hours and Pay

Working hours *will* vary depending on weather and the time of the season.  There can be really long days and there can be really short days – we can’t predict what will happen as it really is all about the weather and the crop!  Wages are the award rate (this changes yearly) per hour for vegetable picking, with 15% tax, effective from from January 2017).  Most of our work is hourly paid though we do have some contract work. Contract rates can vary and depend on what is being picked, such as pumpkins, watermelons or mangoes.

Work availability through the year

January to March

From January through March there is limited work available, so we have a discounted room rate during this period, you can read more about this here.

March to November

From early March there is planting and cane planting - some of this work will go for a few weeks, other jobs may only last a few days.  From mid April there is zucchini, squash, pumpkin, melon, eggplant and other vegetable picking, which will last until around October/November.    Picking is usually 6 days a week and averages 7 or 8 hours per day, but this can vary depending on weather and how much there is to pick. 

November to January

From November through until Christmas there is mango picking, which is usually paid on contract, or packing which is paid hourly. 

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