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Your Oz experience isn't complete without it!

Want to stay in Australia longer?

 If you do 3 months of harvest work (ie picking/packing/planting fruit and vegetables) then you can apply for an extra year of your holiday maker visa!  Loads of backpackers come to the Delta to do their 3 months - and they are still here, months later.  We also have lots of backpackers return to us after working, then blowing all their money travelling - they come back because they feel like this is their home.  We want YOU to feel at home in Australia too.  Come work, stay and play at the Delta!

Please call for more information on 0747 833 991.  We  give  HONEST advice as to work availability - we want to see you working and will tell you if we don't think there is anything available.  You can also check the government harvest trail website to see what is available.

Visa Information and Work Sponsorship

As we only find work for you and don't employ you ourselves, we are NOT able to assist with sponsorship for work visas.  If you have work visa questions, please visit the Department of Immigration

Need more info?

We've put together some more information to help you get ready for work - check it out here.

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